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Transmission Electron Microscope
         Instrument Details
Model : CM200
Specification : Operating voltages : 20-200kv Resolution :2.4 Ao


         TEM images are formed using transmitted electrons (instead of the visible light) which can produce magnification details up to 1,000,000x with resolution better than 10 Ao. The images can be resolved over a fluorescent screen or a photographic film. Further more the analysis of the X-ray produced by the interaction between the accelerated electrons with the sample allows detemining the elemental composition of the sample with high spatial resolution.

           Materials Science/Metallugy
           biological Science


External Users( Other than IIT Bombay):
    1. To avail the TEM Facility at SAIF, Registration is absolutely essential.
    2. For Registration, users can send the requisiton letter from Head/Guide on the Organisation/ Department letterhead with advance payment in the form of demand draft.The Demand Draft should be in favour of " The Registrar, IIT Bombay".
    3. Maximum Eight(8) samples can be registered.
    4. Appointments will be given as per queue and user will be informed by email(approx. one week prior).
    5. Samples other than powder form should be prepared at userend.
    6.The Sample can be mounted on carbon/formvar coated Copper grid or can be made of disc type with a thinned (electron transparency) central area of size 3mm. Users are encouraged to be present at the time of analysis by taking prior appointment or they can send samples along with the details as mentioned. (appropriate solvent for particle dispersion for samples in powder form, size, magnification, type of analysis, literature/typical micrograph etc.)  

Internal(IIT Bombay) Users:
    1. Users should download TEM form, fill and submit it with guide and head signature to TEM Laboratory.
    2. Appointment will be given as per queue and user would be informed by email.
    3. One student under a Guide can register at a time.

    Transmission Electron Microscope
         Samplewise format, Charges includes Grid and Service Tax:
   Industry :    Rs 5786/- per sample (Max. 1/2 Hour)
   R&D :    Rs 2697 /- per sample (Max. 1/2 Hour)
   University/ Colleges :    Rs 1236/- per sample (Max. 1/2 Hour)

         Additional Rs 100/- towards postal charge if results are to be posted.
         The Demand Draft should be in favour of "The Registrar, IIT Bombay"

Electron Microscopy and Analysis by : P.J. Goodhew, University of Surrey and F.J. Humphreys, UK Imperial College, London,UK

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